Saturday, March 28, 2009

Community Map - L4D Death Aboard III - Docks

Docks is the 3rd installment of the Death Aboard campaign, which is coming together quite nicely now.

The Survivors have a fair amount of ground to cover with a single crescendo event towards the end of the map.

Known bugs:
* All ladders have been changed to fit with L4D's proper settings now. But they are still confusing bots and npcs sometimes.
* The bulletproof glass in the prison is still not blocking bullets
* Water in docks level still not final
* Saferooms might spawn too many healthkits in campaign mode
* Tanks and witches don't spawn in campaign mode.

I'm going to try and see if I can find some servers hosting the Versus map soon - it should be a blast!

Death Aboard II - PrisonYard
Death Aboard I - Prison


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