Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Community Map - L4D Death Aboard - 2 PrisonYard (beta)

The second map of the Death Aboard campaign is already out in beta now. Prisonyard sees the survivors escape the Prison and venture outside ...

The outdoor atmosphere is nice, fairly dark and nicely lit ... I especially like the watch tower area when you first get outside.

It's pretty straightforward to work out where to go, so learning your way round is easier than the Prison map.

There's a lot of wire fence around in this map and I wonder if this might hinder Hunters and Smokers in Versus mode ... there might be some good high spots to ambush from though ...

There is one Crescendo event close to the end with an accompanying horde - and from there it is a fairly straight run through to the safe house.

The map did crash on me once but that seems to be an isolated event so far ...

All in all, a nice looking map (and an improvement in some way on the Prison map in my opinion).

Download: http://l4dmapdb.wikidot.com/map:prisonyard

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