Sunday, June 21, 2009

Resident Evil - Last Escape (Beta 1.0)

Outatime has obviously been working hard on recreating Resident Evil's Racoon City for Left 4 Dead - and it clearly shows in this Beta 1.0 release of this map.

This map is a complete rebuild of an earlier map and was started 6 months ago ... it's in Beta, so it's not perfect, and players with lower end PCs will likely experience lower frame-rates.

Having said that this map looks really good and will only improve with further development. I quite liked the early "hastily" thrown together version that this grew out of - and as you can see that this version has been nicely crafted and put together so far ... great work Outatime!

I am sure that there will be many people keen to watch the development and completion of this campaign.

You can download the map from here:

This youtube video shows the Beta release off in third person view:

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