Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unrest Mod - 8 v 8 Versus!

Unrest looks like an interesting Mod, not just because 16 players can play 8 v 8 in Versus mode, but also because the abilities of the special infected have been tweaked to make it harder for the survivors to get to the safe house.

Unrest was created by EVOL, the creator of the Hunter Games mod.

Here's what you need to know:

* Zombie hordes are 50 in size instead of 30.

* Smoker tongue range increased 25%

* Smoker pull is almost instantaneous

* Survivors being dragged accelerate much faster (other survivors cannot catch up to them, but are instead forced to attack the smoker)

* Better chance of pulling a survivor who is running around a corner

* Incapped survivors can crawl

* Hunter claw does 8 instead of 6

* Max hunter pounce damage is 50 instead of 25. This scales correctly, so what is normally a 20 damage pounce is still a 20 damage pounce, not 40. For more than 25, you'll have to go pretty high.

* You can have to up 3 smokers and 2 boomers. This way, the survivors never know what they are up against. And, in 8v8 games, this equates to pure chaos.

* Tanks are 7% faster.

* When there are more than 6 survivors, when a tank comes, a second one will immediately spawn. Both will be controlled by human players (no AI).

The combination of these changes should give a faster paced and shorter game for the survivors - which should be a lot of fun playing in Versus mode. So if you get beaten to a pulp as the survivors just make sure that you return the favour when you are playing as the infected ...

There is a Steam Group to advertise Unrest games to get groups of 16 players together here:

In the meantime check out the Unrest gameplay below:

You can get the latest release from the Steam Group page - the current link is here:

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