Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SourceMod - Linux Installation

Why would you want SourceMod on your server?

Well it can help you administer your server in game and you can also install additional plugins with it. This is what it looks like in game ...

Installation consists of copying files to your server so you will need ftp or SSH access to your server. Before you do this you will need to confirm your Steam ID for use later - simply join a server and then open the console and then type the following and hit enter:


The result will give you your Steam ID. Copy and paste it from the console and save it for later.

First download Metamod to your computer and extract the files. Copy the addons folder to your left4dead folder on your server. On my server this is /home/user/hlds/l4d/left4dead.

Next you need to generate a vdf file - choose Left4Dead as the game type and leave the gamefolder blank to download the correct file (click Generate Metamod VDF). Upload this file to the addons folder on your server. On my server this is /home/user/hlds/l4d/left4dead/addons.

Now download SourceMod and extract the files. Copy the contents of your addons folder to the addons folder on the server. On my server this is /home/user/hlds/l4d/left4dead/addons. Copy the contents of the cfg folder to the cfg folder on the server. On my server this is /home/sxl4d/user/l4d/left4dead/cfg.

Next we just need to grant ourselves some admin rights by editing the addons/sourcemod/configs/admins_simple.ini file. On my server this is /home/user/hlds/l4d/left4dead/addons/sourcemod/configs/admins_simple.ini.

At the bottom of the file just add the following line where the Steam ID is the one you saved earlier:

"Steam ID" "bcdefghijklmn"

The Steam ID specifies a player and the next field specifies permissions as per the following table:

Simply reboot the server and you are good to go - connect to your server, open the console and type the following to view the in-game admin menu:
Thanks to KingJulian on this thread for many of these details ...


XRuin said...

Thanks for this guide. I need to set this up when I have some free time hopefully this week or weekend.

Mike said...

Hope that you got it working OK XRuin?

XRuin said...

Yeah, I got it working thanks. I just have to better learn sourcemod as I haven't used it before. There seems to be some good info around though, I just need to find the time from school to mess with it and have some fun!