Friday, February 27, 2009

Left 4 Dead tutorials - from valve!

This is a great guide that will help a lot of people out until the official SDK for L4D comes out.

Apparently it is an archive of tutorials for the dev Wiki for the L4D SDK (when it comes out).


This is the listing of the tutorials:

* Getting Started
* Your First L4D Level
* Ladders
* Visibility
* Nav Meshes
* Checkpoints
* Checkpoint Rooms
* Outdoor Levels
* Level Organization
* Level Standards
* Clip Brushes
* Elevators
* Panic Events
* Breakable Walls
* Finale Events Part 1
* Finale Events Part 2
* Finale Events Part 3
* Additional Finale Components
* Nav Flow
* Advanced Nav Editing
* Versus Maps

The original thread is here, man this makes me wish I had time to make a map ...

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